Level 2 Award in  First Aid for Mental Health

The Stevenson / Farmer review of mental health and employers concluded that the UK faces a significant mental health challenge. It is estimated that 1 in 4 individuals are likely to experience mental ill-health at some point in their lives, and that around 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems lose their jobs each year (much higher than those with physical health conditions). In addition to this, 15% of people at work have symptoms of an existing mental health condition.

 SFM Training offers a regulated mental health qualification that is intended to raise awareness of mental health to support employers and employees to engage with the topic, and create a positive wellness culture in the workplace.

This qualification can be taken by learners preparing to enter employment or by those who are already in employment

The role of a first aider for mental health is to know the basic tools to listen to individuals who require first response support for their mental health.. 

How long will it take?   The total qualification time (TQT) for this qualification is one day plus some pre course reading

Topics covered   This  course provides underpinning knowledge and understanding in relation to the principles of first aid for mental health, recognising mental ill health in self and others, supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace, understanding how to promote a wellness culture in the workplace and the importance of resilience and self-care for first aiders for mental health.  

Assessment method    This qualification is assessed by 2 multiple-choice examinations,

Course cost   £120 plus vat individual

Group  of 10  £1100  plus vat

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