SIA License Application

If you are having problems with your   SIA application please message them directly through your SIA online personal account


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From 6 July 2016  the SIA Licence application process has changed. You will now need to -

1  Open up an online SIA Personal Account. This will allow you to  ( when you are ready) apply for a licence or renew an existing licence. You cannot do anything without doing this first step

 2  Apply or renew online.

3  Go to the post office with your application reference number, original proofs of ID and payment.

A link to the licence application help page is below.  It will take you to a short series of youtube videos explaining what to do next. They only take a couple of minutes to watch and are worth a look before you start the application process.


When you complete the application form  online you will be asked some tricky questions that you may not know the answer 

:which Awarding Body?     The Awarding Body is HABC.  You will also be asked for the award date.?   The award date is usually the month and year that you complete  the course. 

After you fill in the application online at the SIA website; you will then be told which identity and other documents to take to one of over 750 post offices around the country to complete your application.

The Post Office will complete licence applications by:

  • Checking your proofs of ID,
  • Taking a digital photograph and an electronic signature, and
  • Taking payment of £220 for your 3 year licence to work ( card or cash but  no cheques.

 Please ensure any ID documentation you provide are originals, not photocopies. You’ll also need to bring cash, debit card or credit card to pay the specified fee at the post office

Criminal Offences

If you have a  historic criminal offence that you think may be spent,  but want to check just to be sure, please be aware that the SIA website has a criminality calculator. Just go to the SIA website  (see above) and type in your offence  and date of conviction,  and the calculator will indicate whether you are likely to be granted the SIA license. The time bar for licensing is usually 5 years for serious offence convictions,  and 2 years for minor offence convictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to send my pass certificate off with my application

No You do not need to send your pass certificate off. The SIA will already know you have passed because we have told them

Do I have to take original original Proofs of ID ie passport or Driving Licence and utility bills etc

Yes You must take original documents to the Post Office.

Who is my awarding body


What is my Award Date

The Month you finished the course ie if your course was September 2012 you must put in 092012


How much is the three year badge (licence)    Answer   £220 or if you are applying for 2 badges ie DS and CCTV the second is half price


What licence am I applying for  Answer  It is usually the Door Supervisor or CCTV Operator


The SIA say I am not on their system, or... They have no record of me.  Answer  Make sure you apply using the exact same name and date of birth as you put on your course documentation. They must match exactly. If you put Steve on one and Stephen on another they will not match you up.

Also there may be a short delay of just  a day or two between your results coming out and the SIA having your results on their system.


If I have a problem How can I contact the SIA   Answer    Through your personal online SIA account. Send them a personal message.

The SIA contact number for licence  enquiries is 0300 123 9298  Please be aware that the SIA will require you to follow all of the online application instructions ( listed above)  before they deal with telephone enquiries.