Lone Worker Safety

Lone Worker Safety Training

SFM Training are pleased to offer the HSE approved training package in lone working.
We were one of the first providers to use this Certificated training package developed by the HSE and integrating the very latest advice and guidance.
Keep your staff safe.

Lone Worker Safety Courses in Wales - Course Content

Keeping your staff safe.
The Lone Worker Safety course explains the general risks faced by staff members during the course of their work, visiting patients/clients within their homes and additional hazards. The need and method for general risk assessment to be carried out under the requirement of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992. The Lone Worker Safety course also provides a guidance framework for the managers responsible for lone workers and covers core standards, Risk Assessments, Dynamic Risk Assessments ,Managers’ and staff responsibilities, training and policy interactions
Organisations have a legal duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 to ensure the safety and welfare of its employees so far as it is reasonably practicable. The training details the safe working measures to be adopted by staff and managers to secure the safety and welfare of clients, employees and others within their control who are engaged in lone working activities.
Lone Worker Safety

Lone Worker Safety Training Aims

  • increase employee awareness of safety issues relating to lone working;
  • make sure that the risk of working alone is assessed in a systematic and ongoing way, and that safe systems and methods of work are put in place to reduce the risk so far as is reasonably practicable;
  • make sure that training is given to employees in all LW areas, that equips them to recognise risk and provides practical advice on safety when working alone;
  • make sure that appropriate support is available to employees who have to work alone;
  • encourage full reporting and recording of all adverse incidents relating to lone working; and
  • reduce the number of incidents and injuries to employees related to lone working.
  • dynamic on the spot risk assessments
  • Explain procedures and safe systems of work into practice which are designed to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with lone working;
  • making sure that staff groups and individuals identified as being at risk are given appropriate information, instruction and training, including training at induction, updates and refresher training as necessary;
  • Explain procedures for making sure that appropriate support is given to employees involved in any incident;
  • Managing the effectiveness of preventative measures through an effective system of reporting, investigating and recording incidents.

Re enforce the fact that employees are responsible for:

  • taking reasonable care of themselves and other people who may be affected by their actions;
  • co-operating by following rules and procedures designed for safe working;
  • reporting all incidents that may affect the health and safety of themselves or others and asking for guidance as appropriate.
  • taking part in training designed to meet the requirements of the policy; and
  • reporting any dangers they identify or any concerns they might have in respect of lone working.
Best Practice for keeping safe through training
Delivery of the Lone Worker Safety course is via PowerPoint and interactive group work.
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